Reproduction Rights

Reproduction Rights

Reproduction rights

  • Permission for publication is granted for one-time, non-exclusive use. Any subsequent use or change in use constitutes re-use and must be applied for in writing.
  • Access fees are per reproduction and in addition to the production charge shown below.
  • The San Diego History Center retains all rights to the images used in reproductions.
  • All reproductions must be credited as follows: San Diego History Center in a caption or credit. Credits should appear in close proximity to the image or in a special section devoted to credits.
  • Altering the original image beyond standard cropping requires written permission. These changes must be indicated in the accompanying caption.
  • Applicant agrees to provide the SDHC Library with one copy of the work containing the reproduction.
  • *Non-profit refers to an organization able to demonstrate 501 C (3) not-for-profit status.

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Access Fees

PUBLICATION – editorial use within books, periodicals, and other published works.
For use on the front or back cover of a book, or the cover of a magazine, the rate is 3 times the amount listed below. Subsequent printing and other uses are normally charged at one-half the original fee, but should be verified and permission granted beforehand. Other commercial uses are negotiable.
IN San Diego County OUTSIDE San Diego County
For profit
Circulation 10,000 or less $70 $140
Circulation greater than 10,000 $90 $250
Circulation less than 10,000 $25 $60
Circulation greater than 10,000 $40 $80
NON-EDITORIAL – unbound materials such as postcards, posters, calendars, brochures, and company reports.
For profit
Print run less than 5,000 $125 $250
Print run 5,000 or more $175 $300
Print run less than 5,000 $75 $150
Print run 5,000 or more $100 $200
ADVERTISING – includes print (newspaper and magazine) and television advertisements. Billboard use is double the following fees.
For profit $200 $300
Non-profit* $100 $200
ELECTRONIC/FILM – editorial use in film, television, video, CD or DVD, web pages.
For profit $100 $200
Non-profit* $35 $70
One time use in a PowerPoint presentation will have no access fee, only a production fee.
VIDEOTAPING or filming of images at our facilities, one hour minimum. For images that are videotaped at our facilities there are access fees in addition to videotaping fees.
For profit $100/hour $100/hour
Non-profit* $50/hour $50/hour
Research must be completed, images approved and appointments scheduled in advance of the filming/videotaping session. Images must be captured on video recording equipment and not a digital camera that produces still images (even if that camera is also capable of producing video footage).

Production Fees

File Size
1 to 10MB (8″ x 10″ at 300DPI) $25
11 to 40MB (11″ x 14″ at 600DPI) $40
41 to 100MB (16″ x 20″ or larger at 1200DPI) $65